Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Funky flower pillow

I finished the funky flower pillow!

I made this top last month using a small charm pack from Riley Blake and the funky flower Accuquilt GO die.

Then I found it fit the size of one of our European pillows.


So I quilted the top on my new machine using the walking foot or whatever this thing is called (it’s AWESOME btw)

for the first time I tried the guide stick thingy, am I doing it right? it seems kind of awkward that the whole quilt is on the right, but I can’t seem to figure it out any other way and that’s how I remember seeing it before…


I quilted in the ditch on the main blocks and just lines on the outside


I added a zipper to the middle of the back


Why orange? well, first I had a white zipper and I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing, but the fabric got all bunched up and I ripped stitches out TWICE then gave up and threw it on the floor!

Then cut new pieces and picked a bright orange zipper that matches the front and googles a video about it, tried again and I still didn’t get the edges perfect but they are OK… I forgot to pull away the end and sewed right along with my zipper foot, when GRRRR$#@@# I sewed onto the metal ending of the strip and broke a needle!


try again- worked fine the 2nd time, then sewed the front and back together and zig zagged around the edges, then saw a spot of the zipper that was open, so I put my zipper foot back on and fixed and it 2 stitches into it GRR#E$@# I forgot to changed to a straight stitch and zig zagged right onto the FOOT! 2nd needle that broke in 10 minutes!

Just one of those days!


Well the pillow is done and I’m happy with it Smile


So I have to show these pictures, from the other day. On the way home after getting the kids from school, we saw this on the highway and I told my daughter to get my phone and take a picture of it

A truck with a Cat tractor machine and do you see what else??


On the back was a toy truck strapped to the bed of the big truck!


okay to it wasn’t a caterpillar truck but a tonka truck!

it’s even bungee corded too, LOL


I pulled up beside the cab and honked and smiled and gave a thumbs up and he honked back!

my friend Laura’s husband works for a caterpillar plant near us, so I had to send them the pictures too.


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful pillow Bea and it looks like you are having fun with your new sewing machine!! I saw that photo the other day of the toy truck....too cute!!

Carla said...

Sorry you had so much fun with the pillow. I broke 3 needles last week while trying to hem some pants. I never had that much trouble before. Wow. The pillow turned out really cute. Love it.
That picture of the toy tonka truck on the big rig was too cute. Bet he has a kid.

Nancy said...

Love the flowers and the colors. I have guides for my walking foot. I put the other guide through the hole from left of the needle to the right and most of the fabric is on the outside of the machine.