Thursday, March 31, 2016

a surprise visit from Singapore

So Monday started off with a surprise visit from Singapore!
(I knew about it, but kept it a secret from the family!)
A Girl named Jesselyn who we met thru another Singaporean friend thru UNC.
She was back in NC and is staying with us for a few days,
So I had to pretend to take the kids to the mall on Monday and then picked her up on the way- we actually DID go to the mall, but that was sort of just an excuse!
I saw this shirt there LOL
Though it was one of those modern hip stores where the shirt had holes all over it….. not my style
THIS is more my style!! LOL
saw this on FB
Tuesday we all went to the local park and walked downtown a bit too
Here is Jesselyn and Solveig, Anja and I
all the kids and her
They like to play legos in the evenings.
Kept Anja busy too Smile
The top of this photo was taken almost 2yrs ago in the summer when she was studying at UNC so we tried to copy it without the pool!
Of course she took pics of our food, my husband makes an AWESOME french toast! we ate this before going to the zoo Wednesday!
The Zoo was packed by the way! over 10K people came, it took us over an hour to just park! once we got inside it was busy but the zoo is huge so it wasn’t too bad actually.
I didn’t take that many pictures this time.
Anja was pretty good, she was carried by my husband, then me, then the stroller etc… (first time in a carrier on daddy btw!)
it’s also a tradition to take a picture of the kids on this cement ball thing…
Here’s Solveig and Bjorn
Did you know that Bjorn means bear in Danish? so this is an ISBjorn…
a great trip, but we sure were tired coming home!


SewMisadventurous said...

It looks as though you've had a pretty busy couple of days! I absolutely love that picture of Solveig and Sonja (who looks so grown up) on the swinging pole, it's a nice change to see Solveig looking smiley and carefree, looks like you all had a great time at the zoo, I'm happy for you all.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I a not believe how big your children are getting! What a beautiful family and so kind of you to share your love.