Friday, March 25, 2016

A few projects under way

Janeen at QuiltArtDesigns, released another mystery calendar block

I downloaded it and printed the color sheet and found scraps and taped those on top of the colors to keep track of everything.

at this point I was guessing some sort of flowers.


In between projects I finished it up rather quickly (took me almost a month to do February’s block) but this one had a lot of pieces but each piece was 7-10 steps, where Feb had fewer pieces but one was up to almost 40 steps!

Here’s the finished block!

I was right that it was flowers and what FUN flowers!

Now I wished I had made my light green a bit darker but oh well, and I took a chance on the white and made it a floral white and it worked out Smile

Thanks Janeen for another great block!


I also wanted to show some goodies I got some Accuquilt last week.

A Rob Peter to Pay Paul die

and a Fleur de lis die.

These will be used for my guest blog posts with them, I just finished up the April post- a big quilt and I have ideas for the Rob Peter die already in combination with the 8” QUBE die set Smile


I have also been working on TWO matching dresses for Sonja and Anja- they are very close to done, but I figured they won’t need them for Easter so they are taking a break Smile


I got Sonja to model her dress and hat combo as the weather got nice here last week.


And Anja is just chilling in her swing with Andrea (a bird that was a children’t TV show when I was little in Denmark, the bird’s partner was a frog named Kaj)


Anja has been having more tummy time and now she’s mastered flipping over both ways, back to front and front to back.




Hope you have a GOOD FRIDAY! and a happy and Blessed Easter!!


tubakk said...

What a beautiful flower block. And your girls are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing their dresses finished.

Calicojoan said...

Now that the smile we knew Sonja had in her! Beautiful family.

margaret said...

watch out Anja will soon be mobile! Such a cutie and can see Sonja heading for the cat walk she is a natural. The flower block is a real beauty