Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who wants to join a Round Robin?

Anyone wants to join a Round Robin?
Last year I did a “planned” round Robin.
Where I started with this block
2015-05-26 005
and got this in return
It was “planned” with a set size for the middle block and set sizes and amounts for the outer blocks
Month 1 (May): Make a 12 ½” block (12 finished) – any design you wish
Month 2: June adds 4” blocks all the way around (now 20” x 20”)
Month 3: July adds 5” blocks all the way around (now 30” x 30”)
Month 4: August adds 6” to top and bottom ONLY (now 30” x 42”)
Month 5: September adds 6” blocks all the way around (now 42” x 54”)
Month 6: October adds 3” blocks all the way around (now 48” x 60”)
Now I could do this AGAIN. Or I have sketches of several planned layouts with different sized centers, where participants can then pick what they want for the center and the finished size?
we can whatever we want, just send a block and add a round, then off to the next person
I’m open to suggestions.
Let me know if you’d like to join.
I would like to start and mail out the center block before march 1st and then round 2 is in March and so on.


Yanicka said...

I am doing one right now and anything goes. It is fun to take the top as it is right now, look at it for a few hours, days....weeks!!! and just find the perfect way to add to what other lady did :)

Charlene S said...

We did the one Mark Lipinski designed. It pretty much followed your scheme but added curves for one round and we added letters for another.

Pauline G said...

I did one a few years ago for a Xmas table cover and enjoyed it SO would love to join in with you for this one

Erin ST said...

Would love to join if we can choose our designs.

Linda said...

This sounds like fun, I'd want a little more information before committing.