Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just because I felt like making a OBW quilt

I felt like making a One Block Wonder quilt the other day and I went thru my stash and found a few fabrics that had 6 repeats on the Selvage and then chose this funky pink fashionista girl fabric
I cut out all the triangles that you’re supposed to do for a OBW (it’s all about pinning the layers perfectly before cutting strips and then triangles.
and then I went to work on these. I think they are just hilarious!
I put them on my designs wall and sewed rows
and then the whole top together
AFTER the top was put together I looked at it and found a mistake!
look in the middle, the girl riding the scooter, I flip flopped the sections, so the top half is her head the bottom half is the scooter.
so it’s really the 2 sections I had flipped when sewing the row together.
Well since I didn’t notice until this late, I figured it’s not that noticable so I’m not ripping it out.
I added a thin black inner border and the rest of the fabric for an outer border.
The top is 38 x 38” so a fun baby quilt or wheelchair quilt- I do think an adult would get a kick out of the quilt.
it’s ready to quilt!

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cucki said...

It's beautiful x

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What fun fabric for one of these and it came out so cute.

Calicojoan said...

That's just too much fun! I love the fabric!!!

margaret said...

have not come across this idea before it really works but must have taken a lot of planning a great quilt

Michele said...

Very cute and I agree a wheelchair quilt it would be perfect for.

Anonymous said...

can I get the pattern of the nativity?

Carla said...

Too cute. I still haven't made a OBW. I've done a Stack and Whack but now one like this. One day I'll have to go for it.
Thanks for sharing yours

Dayquilt said...

I would take the time to rip it out. You don't have to undo the threesomes, you don't even have to separate the two threesomes, just take the chunk out. it's only 8 short side seams.