Tuesday, February 16, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- writing patterns 3 templates

This week in pattern writing I want to show how to do templates.
Templates were one of the last things I tackled when I tried to write patterns.
Again you’ll need EQ, MS Word and CutePDFwriter
Here’s a quilt I designed for McCall’s when I was pregnant with Sonja (need to write it into a pattern soon!)
usually with templates you include 1/4” seam allowance, but EQ can do both and I like it with the seam allowance too, then the quilter can choose which method they want to use, templates with paper, freezer paper, needle turn etc.
which the chick block selected print TEMPLATES
Here you can choose if you want the seam allowance or not
This one shows the background too, obviously you can just delete that!
here you see the solid lines are the template, then dashed lines are the seam allowances.
After the square is deleted it looks much better
save it as a PDF/ print setting as pdf
When doing templates or Foundation templates you always want to include a 1” box and that took me a while to figure out in MS Word, but it’s quite simple
You just insert a shape and select rectangle
then draw a square, my default was a filled blue box
you right click the square and format it
you can then select your fill color or no color, your line color and other things if needed, then close after you’re done.
on the upper right (or by right clicking again)
you’ll see arrows to to change the size of the block, change that to 1” x 1”
You also want to format the shape to be behind the text
so when you write – 1” test block, it stays in there
and that’s it!
pretty simple.
Also when you save a word doc you can save AS and save as a PDF as well.
Then I go to pdfmerge.com and merge the PDFs
(I usually have one landscapes file for the cover page, then the pattern, then templates)


Vicki in MN said...

Thank you Bea!! I could not figure out how to do the 'test' square when I wrote that last pattern. Gonna go pin it so I know right where to find my answer next time!!

CathyQuilts said...

I agree, that 1 inch square has always been a mystery to me! Thanks so much!!

Allison said...

Just found your tutorial... I understand how to turn the templates into a PDF, and how to make the one inch block in Word, but how are you merging the one inch block onto your PDF template?