Wednesday, January 13, 2016

pincushions and crocheting

pincushion swap 2016
I received my January Pincushion from Nancy, a two seasoned one.
A cute embellished butterfly on one side
and a winter motif with beading on the back
Thanks Nancy!!
I made these two pincushions recently and sent the blue one to Janne this month
AND this one, it was a new embroidery file I got so I had to test it out!
I have also been crocheting a bit.
I found a pin on pinterest that linked to here
and first I used some polyester yarn I had
which resulted in this
but it was really too small for Anja
instead I went to warlmart and found a cute variegated cotton yarn and remade it and added a little flower. MUCH better!
Love how the variegated yarn made it look like rows
I also found this lamb hat pattern and when I made it I thought it would be too small too because my yarn was thinner, so I did the toddler sized, which ended up BEING toddler sized, so it fit Sonja
She thought it was cute at first but now refuses to wear it!
I also ordered some other goodies that came in the mail.
Some embroidery stabilizer for knit fabrics, some frixion pens AND a lunch box baby quilt embroidery set from IHAN.
I’ve also made some more pincushions but can’t show those yet!
saw this on FB, don’t know if it’s Mrs bobbins or not, but still funny Smile


Vicki in MN said...

Bea that pink hat that Anja is earing is so cute, Anja is just a beautiful little girl! Would you do me a favor and measure the hat circumference and also from the top of the hat to the bottom. I don't have a baby to measure and I am making some for Bundles of Love and want a ball park measurement to see if I am on the right track.

cucki said...

Beautiful pin cushions...
The baby is looking so cute xx

margaret said...

2 nice hats shame Sonja will not wear hers maybe your crocheted one will fit one of their dolls. Pin cushions look good you must be delighted with the butterfly one