Monday, December 28, 2015

using the GO! for a Christmas gift

Hubby had been saying that he wanted a big pillow for the couch downstairs, it’s brown and we have sort of light blue/grey walls.
So I figured I’d make him one for Christmas using the GO! cutter and the LeMoyne star die.
I found some solid brown and two different blues and cut out a bunch to have enough for a 20” pillow (the LeMoyne block is 9” so that would leave a 1” border around 4 blocks)
Here’s part of the blocks sewn together, now one of the blue fabrics was a batik stripe and some how the diamond shape on some of them ended up at an angle, I couldn’t figure out why!
Then I realized it! I made all the block sections face the same way, so all LEFTIES!! sigh… what to do now??
I played around with different ideas
Then came up with this for the blue floral fabric block sections
Then I had to decide on which way to make the block
I couldn’t decide so I made 2 of each
Then for the other side of the pillow, I just added a brown triangle to match
This is the result!!
I like it now! not what I had planned, but I took an OOPS and turned it into something I still like Smile


Charlene S said...

OOPs make the best surprises!

cucki said...

Beautiful xx

Pamela Arbour said...

I am impressed with all the different designs you can make with those blocks. Great job.