Thursday, December 24, 2015

teddy bear blocks and BH blocks

The other day I tested out this teddy bear block to be scrappy for the rainbow QAL next year, I had scraps left over from the Be attitudes QAL and kind of sorted them into lights and darks and made this block, I’m not sure if I like it or not, it’s interesting and funky and still fun to have tried, but I might not use it for that QAL.
I also finished some of BHs blocks for the mystery QAL.
I’m not even going to link up or show a link, because she deleted my uploaded link last week and didn’t tell me, I think because I just link to the mystery tab/page and not that specific post (because I always schedule my posts ahead of time so I didn’t have a link to that post yet, I could have gone back in and changed it Monday, but I didn’t, just happened to look mid week and didn’t see my link up)
I am excited, however, to get more clues and finish this QAL
I tried to put Anja in this crocheted set I made for her, it’s still too big and I think I have to change out the ribbon as it’s kind of stiff and seems scratchy.
Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!


Yanicka said...

How can you do so much when I could barely brush my teeth for months after having my baby :) You are my hero.
Have a great Christmas :)

cucki said...

Aww sweet...
Merry Christmas xx