Thursday, December 17, 2015

Got a Qube

The other day the Fed Ex guy came ( I never get Fed Ex, usually they go regular mail)
I jumped out to see, as it was unusual and what did I see? the guy had a box for me!
And on the front of the box was one of my favorite logos- Accuquilt!! SQUEAL... I knew what it was...
so I rushed inside and opened it up and there was thing awesome 8" Qube set inside.
I had expected this package Friday actually but I had to wait until Monday- SIGH!
I had actually "planned" on just wrapping the whole box up and putting it under the Christmas tree, but after seeing Connie's blog post about it, I just couldn't WAIT!

The Qube looks SEW nice.
everything is so neat and organized, there's 4 dies in each "big" section/booklet type of thing, each with a little card as well.

 Then the last "skinny" section has a DVD, a mat and booklet about all the blocks and directions on how to make them, the possibilities are endless. 
I already have lots of ideas!
 Now I had to move a few things off of the shelf, but here's all my GO dies! the Qube fit perfectly on the side. Do I have enough now? I don't know, I'd need to move more things around if I need to fit more dies now! (I'm so thankful for Accuquilt sending me these, as I'll be doing 3 blog posts about these in 2016- and one will be a mystery! - you can use any QUBE for that)
Have you tried the QUBE yet?


cucki said...

happy quilting dear..
love and hugs x

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

You are going to have so much fun with those Bea and I can't wait to see your projects!! Just couldn't wait until Christmas to open it......could you!!