Tuesday, December 8, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- So Scrappy rainbow colors for 2016

Angela at Soscrappy/supearscrappy has posted another “rainbow” scrap challenge for 2016

I had all intentions of joining this year, but never even GOT started!
I realized my problem was inspiration!
I’m determined to join in 2016 and figured I needed to have a back up plan of lots of scrappy quilts in rainbow colors.
So this is not so much a tutorial but more of an inspiration post!
I’m also figuring that I want some easy, some hard, some large, some small.
But decide before 2016 in what order I want to do them, so that I prioritize them and it doesn’t matter how many I get to, I can start or stop at any point or make more of one color if I feel like it.
Well, that’s my idea anyways.
A lot of these ideas are from her site or people who have linked up, I’m not trying to take credit for them, they were just inspiring.
16 patch star, each square is 1” so block is 8” finished
double nine patches
9” blocks
or with four patches
log cabin blocks
star block (don’t know the name)
might be easy with the GO cutter?
This star block I saw on another blog in B/W
Drunkard’s path (saw this on Connie’s blog)
pineapple blocks (FPP)
Bears from EQ (I kind of WANT to make at least one per month)
Flying Geese, either FPP or rotary cut
flower blocks
Lots more blocks
It’s hard to choose.
There’s so many blocks I really like.

Another idea is to make 2 identical blocks and turn them into pot holders! (Huh, Darlene?? LOL)
Are you joining the scrappy QAL?


Pamela Arbour said...

You have some really good design ideas for next year. I might borrow a couple of them. I didn't get to finish the RSC15s that I started this year, so I will be finishing up next year! Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the inspiration. They are all so good. I like the bears very much.

scraphappy said...

So many beautiful inspiration quilts! I want to make them all! Is that a problem?