Wednesday, December 23, 2015

another round of Pincushion swaps?

Who’s up for joining another round of pincushion swaps?
Each round goes for 3 months and each participant makes and mails one pincushion to their assigned person per month.
here’s the page with the pincushions for 2015
and these I received this round
haven’t gotten December yet
Here’s pics of my overstuffed shelves for the pincushions
This dragon is not a pincushion, he’s a clay figure I made in college, the spot next to him is for my camera Smile

Now with these "messy" shelves, Solveig and Sonja gladly resorted the shelves for me

if you’d like to join Jan-Mar comment below with an email address and I’ll email you back with a few questions.
it’s a lot of fun and quite addicting!
we’ve done it since mid 2012!
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cjmont said...

i would like to join the jan-mar round of the 2016 pincushion swap. thanks for the chance, i love swaps.

tubakk said...

Ha-ha, we soon can start a pincushion store to sell all the wonderful pincushions. I have shelves like that, too, and I'll show you next year. And of course, I can't stop now. (you'll probably know before I tell you). Have a wonderful Christmas!

cucki said...

Aww I would love to join the Jan -March swap
Please count me in
I love your pin cushions so much ❤️
Thank you
Love and hugs xx

cucki said...

Aww you know my email :)
Sweet smiles and hugs x

Karyn Ashley-Smith said...

I'd love to join!

margaret said...

maybe I will take the plunge in april

Kath said...

Can Solveig and Sonja come to my house (in Colorado) to do some resorting for me also? Looks like they did a good job for you - even cleaning the shelves off! You have sooo many pin cushions, all I've is an old tomato (or is it a strawberry?) from way back. Guess it's time to try making one. . .

Erin ST said...

I'd love to join. I live in the US.

DebraKay Neiman said...

I am in ... looking forward to a great year in 2016 too. crystalbluern at tds dot net

Janne G. Vatne said...

I have only 3 pin cusions so far , looking forward for the next one In this swap. Merry Christmad to all of you!!

Sandy Schmidt said...

I would like to join the pincushion swap please. Email addy is Thank you! Sandy Schmidt

Nanette said...

I'd like to join, I'm in Australia.