Monday, December 21, 2015

A few Creative things

First I want to thank CAROL at funthreads for telling me about OPEN live writer. I was able to download and install easily and it works great!! PHEW!
Last week I was doing some hand sewing. I bought these felt kits from ozark fabrics and finally got around to doing them, there’s 6 in a set and I have almost all of them done!
here’s all of them all done.
The kids have also been creative!
I got a gingerbread house kit from walmart and they have put it together
and I saw this one on FB recently, hilarious!!


Vicki in MN said...

The stockings are so stinki'n cute! Many years ago I hand stitched felt ornaments too, still have a couple around!

FunThreads Designs said...

Stocking are cute! Lots of holiday fun!!!

cucki said...

Stockings are so lovely my dear...I love so much ..
And the yummy gingerbread house ..yum my mouth is watering here..
Lots of love x

Barbara Ensor said...

Love these mini stockings! Could/would you please Link to the source or share the internet address? Thank you.

margaret said...

loving the stockings and I know the children will all be delighted with them.I know it is going to be a whirlwind in your home on 25th have a wonderful time, Christmas is such fun when there are children, to see their faces is just wonderful

SewMisadventurous said...

I had to enlarge the last photo to check that it wasn't Dan in the patchwork onesie! 😂 I can't quite believe how quickly Sonja's grown from a baby girl into a young lady, might be the new haircut, or what a difference a year makes when you're that young. She looks raring to go on the Gingerbread House project, her older sib's look proper fed up in pic 1 but gain smiles as they get more into it, a brilliant project for a rainy afternoon. I imagine there's mass excitement by now in your house, waiting for Santa, Christmas tree lights et al. Hope you're recovered and that Anja's still gaining steadily. Wishing you all Peace, Joy, Happiness, and continued Blessings this Christmas.🎄