Monday, November 9, 2015

Twist on Bargello top

One of my favorite quilts is this book

It’s a bargello book and it’s worked in strips but then sub cut and made into blocks again for stunning effects.

I’ve had the book for several years and I’ve made this one on the cover several times, it’s my favorite pattern in the book and the reason why I bought the book!


I showed this picture last week.


And here’s the result!

It’s so different because the main fabrics are light, but it still has the twist with the dark grey and the touch of red and teal.


Once I got started on this quilt, it was super quick to make.


It’s all ready to be quilted!

Do you have a favorite book too that you keep going back to?


Podunk Pretties said...

The finished quilt looks so complicated, is it one block turned differently to make the design? The the fabrics you chose. I don't have a go to book for patterns, but I do use several Billie Lauder books for referencing quick piecing methods such as HST's and QST's.

margaret said...

all those squares to match up a major complication for me they both look so good. Re favourite book I like to browse through Jennie Rayment`s books I am a big fan of her work

Michele said...

That is just fabulous and no at this point my mind is too filled with ideas and projects that I want to make to have a favorite book. Maybe eventually.