Thursday, November 5, 2015

Round Robin BIG REVEAL!

It’s the end of a great swap!

I’ve hosted a Round Robin swap since May of this year.

This time is was a “planned” Round Robin

Month 1 (May): Make a 12 ½” block (12 finished) – any design you wish

Month 2: June adds 4” blocks all the way around (now 20” x 20”)

Month 3: July adds 5” blocks all the way around (now 30” x 30”)

Month 4: August adds 6” to top and bottom ONLY (now 30” x 42”)

Month 5: September adds 6” blocks all the way around (now 42” x 54”)

Month 6: October adds 3” blocks all the way around (now 48” x 60”)

This one was my starting block (that I designed in EQ for a tutorial)

2015-05-26 005

and in June I added this to Carol’s quilt

Scrappy hearts and diamond blocks

2015-05-26 007

and in July I added some of these

2015-06-30 007

I added a bunch of Christmas tree blocks

  2015-06-30 007

and stars at the corners.

It was fun to see another Christmas quilt!

2015-06-30 006

and August- they are stacked books!

2015-07-29 002

Then I added these FPP blocks “READ MORE” and just did random pinks and blacks.

2015-07-29 001

and this is September


Flying geese blocks around this moose quilt (I’m sure you can guess WHO this is for!)


and for October


The quilt was totally scrappy and since I was adding the final border I wanted something more of a “frame” for it, so I did all black!


I think it looks great!


Then I got MY top back again and I was blown away by how great it looked!


I love the 2nd border with the applique, just PERFECT for the top.


Thanks to everyone who participated!


Here’s more links from the participants, have a look at their blogs!


Also, there’s already requests for another Round Robin like this, and I got my thinking cap on for one for Next year!

so stay tuned :)


Calicojoan said...

Love it. Thanks for hosting this fun RR. Can't wait for a new one!

Carol said...

Looks like an amazing group of quilts...beautiful!

Carol said...

Sorry I missed this round. What a great set of quilts everyone!

margaret said...

your quilt is lovely and really taken with the words Jesus is the reason for the season peace joy, such a shame not many see Christmas in this way without Jesus there would be no Christmas. Such a variety of additions you made to the other quilts too, I expect everyone was delighted when they finally received their own quilts

Michele said...

They are wonderful and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

SewMisadventurous said...

That appliqué around your nativity scene is beautiful, I also really like the diamond blocks border, they did a great job for you Bea. Am off to see the other RR'ers now, the Moose Quilt looks interesting. Good Luck with Baby B if I don't 'see' you until after.