Tuesday, October 27, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday – LeMoyne Star blocks


Last week I got two more dies from Accuquilt!

One of them was the LeMoyne Star block- a block I never made before and with the star points it would be tricky to cut out and sew, but with the GO everything is all there and dog ears cut off, so super easy!

So of course I got inspired and had to play in EQ7!

When you search for a LeMoyne star in EQ you get these


I took the top one and changed it a bit to look like the GO block, the triangle in the middle of the sides have a seam, so it’s easy for piecing!


Now this is the layout/quilt that’s on the package of the die, simple and cute!

Lemoyne accuquilt

and here’s the same one without sashing but adding borders


It also suggested some other layouts just by turning the quarter block a different way.

Lemoyne accuquilt2

Now I took that and made a bigger layout

Lemoyne accuquilt2

Here’s the 2nd block from EQ in a simple layout, it’s fun how it creates the secondary pattern with the red diamond blocks.

Lemoyne accuquilt3

And using the GO block I came up with this boyish quilt design, using a new fabric collection from Connecting Threads.

Lemoyne accuquilt6

The suggestion for the quarter block, got me really designing and playing!

I designed it as an 8” block just so the math was easier, I drew a diagonal line and from the midpoint I made the diamond shapes as shown. (I know it’s not EXACTLY the same diamond shape as the EQ block, but this is just for design purposes, so I didn’t want to spend too much time changing it)

The GO block (a quarter of it) would be 4 1/2” as the whole block is 9”

But you just change that in the Quilt Layout.



Here I added the block and colored it in reds and greens and started playing.


It’s fun how different it will look just by turning blocks around


And here’s a different version with more “planned” blocks but different color placement (This is an enlarged version from the GO package as well)

Lemoyne accuquilt4 

A funky black and white quilt

Lemoyne accuquilt5 

And the same layout as above with the red and greens but using the fabrics from Connecting Threads again, I came up with this and the re-colored it to just show the colors.

Lemoyne accuquilt7

Lemoyne accuquilt8

And you know I love BLUE, so I started playing and clicking around, see how the quilt grows into something totally different!

Lemoyne accuquilt9

Lemoyne accuquilt10

Lemoyne accuquilt11

Lemoyne accuquilt12

Lemoyne accuquilt13

So the LeMoyne block is a fun block, once you play with it in EQ and Accuquilt makes it super easy and accurate with their new die!


Vicki in MN said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your layouts for the LeMoyne star . I have Deb Tucker's LeMoyne templates and have done a few table runners with the basic setting, but I think it is time to play around with something different!

Alycia said...

You have such a creative mind - Love all your layouts

Debcal1946 said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have been using EQ for years and do have a Baby Go but haven't thought of using them together. Maybe I'll actually use the Go more now. I've only used it for 1 quilt so far (hexagons) even though I have a bunch of dies.