Thursday, October 15, 2015

Accuquilt challenge – half hexagon die

accuquilt challenge 2015

This month’s Challenge die is the half hexagon die

GO! Half Hexagon-1", 1 1/2", 2 1/2" Sides (3/4", 1 1/4", 2 1/4" Finished) (55165)

I used this die and a bunch of of Island Batik fabrics to make this quilt and arranged them in such a way then they are in rows of blues and yellows and kind of go at an angle. It’s very close to being square so it doesn’t matter which way you turn it :)



I started out by cutting out all the pieces with the GO! BIG.

DSCF4965 DSCF4966 DSCF4967

Then I laid the pieces out on my design wall and sewed them together


When working in rows like this where it’s important to keep track of the placements, I do on row at a time (sort of)

First row I sew the pieces together one by row to the end of the row, then iron them


Then put it back on the wall and then the first row, I’ll sew together 2 and 2 and on the 2nd row I’ll sew one and one like before

(You can see I decided to cut some of the yellow hexagons in half to use for the edges)


This way the rows grow quickly and are pretty easy to keep track of and before long I’m sewing the rows together into part of the quilt top!



And VOILA! the top is done! I added a 1” yellow border to the flat side of the top and then an outer border.


I long arm quilted curves from corner to corner on the hexagons


the bubbles and sort of “flames or seaweed” on the outer border.

And a nice yellow binding.


I used two batiks for the backing


and added a label on an angle in the corner, this way it doesn’t reveal which way the quilt should be, though some of the hexagon batiks are sort of directional but it’s hard to tel




also in case you don’t read Accuquilt’s blog, I made a quick and easy tutorial for some pumpkin potholders for Thanksgiving using their FALL medley die.


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