Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday – Hexagon passion


I’ve been really inspired by Turid’s Hexagon project that’s from Grit’s blog called LA PASSION



I’m going to show the start/ middle of this and then how it can turn into something else in EQ once you start playing with hexagons.

Start with a ONE patch layout of hexagons (H)

and do it 31 x 40 blocks


pick some colors and start coloring in the middle


and more

(remember to ADD TO SKETCHBOOK once in a while, so you can come back and change things)


now you can keep copying over the design or change it up and do something else like this


with bigger sections you may want to use the straight line paintbrush


Here’s one layout I ended up with.



you can use the ruler and measure how big the sides would be with 1” hexagons

this one is about 32”


If you preview print the fabric yardage, it also shows how many patches you’d need!

(of course ignore the blank ones)


here it’s 1016 total. WOW!

the small center one only needed this


397 hexagons is not too bad!

and one more trick, if you want to change the color scheme, click the spray can and hold down CTRL with whatever color you want and click on the color you want to replace on the quilt.

here I had to click twice with each, as it works in rows




what do you think?

does it make you want to try some English paper piecing?


Rosa said...

Fabulous.Love them all.

Leeann said...

Wow great tutorial, I didn't know about that straight line paint brush. Have you tried using the magic wand (with a star on it) can't remember its proper name that randomly changes the colours? That is fun to get new ideas from too. Looking forward to having a go designing something hexy when I get home now.

PJB said...

I love your quilt. However, I can't get to the first step. I've selected one patch on the layout button. However, there is no choice for hexagons. I blew up the first picture and can't find what you show. How do I get there? I'd love to try to make this quilt.