Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More EPP and pincushions

I started prepping another EPP project.

I had this mini booklet from connecting threads and the reason why I bought the book was this little purse pattern. I needs 127 1/2” EPP hexagons! they are SO tiny.

Of course it was a breeze to cut out both the card stock and the fabrics with the GO cutter




and my little helper helped me out too!


I’ve also made a few pincushions- JUST because :)

well I might use one for the pincushion swap, we’ll see.

The embroidery patterns are by Anitagoodesign.


I think I’m getting better at the manual focus on my new camera, it sure is fun to play with!



I might have shown this one before, but it popped up on FB again and it made me giggle :)

If this was true now, I’d never get to sew anything!



tubakk said...

Ha,ha, powder and lipstick put on. I wouldn't have done any sewing at all if I had to follow that rule. Great pincushions! I actually wish one of them were mine.... hm.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your photos look great Bea and I'm with you.....if I did all that I wouldn't sew.....I'd be exhausted!