Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Are you joining the mystahhhhry?


You know I love mystery QALs and I love EPP and especially the Ahhhh’s that Tonya designs.

She is kicking off a Mystahhhhry QAL!

You can make 2 sizes, a small (30”) or a large 60” hexagon.

It’s for beginners as the pieces are pretty large and there will be lots of fussy cutting!

You can join the FB group here or read the blog here

You can also buy the paper kit here for the big kit and here for the small kit

or print your own- she has PDFs for that.


Now Tonya has revealed a few steps already.

One is to fussy cut these large diamonds for the center star

I can’t decide!! so many neat choices…..

I’ll wait for the papers to arrive to decide then.

I love blues, but recently made a blue table topper from ahhhh’s


a stripe could be fun


or a yenter panel, but it’s not quite big enough, but having those tips show might be fun too

IMG_20150905_171854054 IMG_20150905_171907613_HDR


or a coffee one, but I also recently made a coffee one for my mom, but I have lots of this fabric.


or maybe a tinkerbell girly one?

what would you pick?


Hope you’ll join the fun!


Yanicka said...

doing it too. It will be a load of fun :)

margaret said...

Dare not go over and check this out as I know I would want to have a go but too many projects on the go and so many more on the to do list!