Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A little more Round Robin fun with the GO cutter

My quilt guild had it’s first meeting of the year, last week.

A lady is collecting orphan blocks and wants us to take some and turn into donation quilts, I suggested a round robin type of idea last year and I think some people are doing that or did that.

I took one block (actually one I had brought in from a block swap 2 yrs ago where I didn’t use it for my quilt)

And I went back into EQ and did a couple of sketches and layouts for different sized center blocks and made them big enough for either a baby quilt or an adult donation quilt.

Here’s my EQ sketch for a 12” center


Round 1 adds 4” blocks all the way around

Round 2 adds 5” blocks

Round 3 adds 6” blocks to TOP and bottom ONLY

Round 4 adds 6” blocks all around

and last round is 3” blocks all the way around

= 48” x 60”

I added 4” blocks and busted out a GO 4” QST die and some blue and yellow scraps and came up with this!


It took ONE pass with the GO cutter, I had 4 WOF strips to fit and laid all of them on the die folded once so there were 8 layers and the GO BIG did it like a champ and that was it! easy peasy.


I love how it cuts off the dog ears, so it’s super easy to sew together too


and the QST blocks went together quickly.



Now I kind of wished I had grabbed some more blocks to play with.

I did print out directions for this whole quilt and a few more ideas and will bring those next month and then each person can sign the paper next to the row/round they’ve been working on.


Sally said...

That is going to be a great quilt--hope you share all the steps on this one!

Alicia Key said...

Nothing like reading a good blog 1st thing in the morning to get my mind off my dog who was accidentally run over day-b4-yesterday and I'm still crying because it's my 2nd morning without my beautiful beloved pet. Thanks for making my mind work in a different direction! Awesome idea for developing a medallion quilt on EQ7. Thanks so much!