Monday, August 10, 2015

Peanuts BOM Lucy Van Pelt

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This month’s Peanuts block is Lucy Van Pelt

here’s my block

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and here’s a bit about her from Wikipedia

Lucy is characterized as very loud-mouthed, violent, aggressive and temperamental. She often mocks other characters such as Snoopy, his owner, Charlie Brown and even her younger brother Linus van Pelt. But she's a very nice girl at heart.

She is also characterized as vain, as she believes she is beautiful despite frequently being described as ugly, and thinks she is perfect (though she once admitted complaining is the only thing she can do[4]) when she has definitely no skills at all, as she is the worst and weakest baseball player, gives lousy and mindless advice, and, fittingly, cannot kick a football herself.[5]


Lucy also has a psychiatric booth, parodying the lemonade stand operated by many young children in the United States. Here, she pretends to be a psychiatrist and tells her opinions on problems for five cents to the other characters in the strip, most frequently an anxious Charlie Brown; this "advice" is always completely useless and nonsensical.

A sign on the front of the booth declares that "The Doctor is" in or out, depending on which side of the "In/Out" placard is displayed. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Lucy reverses the placard from displaying its "Out" side to reveal the words "Real In". Another time, on the title panel of a Sunday strip, it showed Lucy chewing gum, and the sign read "The Doctor is Preoccupied.

The third new character in Peanuts after Violet and Schroeder, Lucy made her debut on March 2, 1952. She was originally a goggle-eyed toddler who continually annoys her parents and the older kids, but aged up over the next two years so that by 1954, she was the same age as Charlie Brown (the early strips with toddler-age Lucy were not reprinted until after Charles Schulz’s death). Schulz then altered Lucy's eyes to have the same appearance as that of the other characters, except for small extra lines around them which were also sported by her two siblings.

Lucy wore a blue dress with black-and-white saddle shoes until the 1970s when Schulz began showing the strip's female characters in pants and shirts in order to keep their outfits more contemporary. By the late 1980s, she had switched to this look permanently.


Lucy was named after Louann van Pelt, a former neighbor of Charles Schulz in Colorado Springs and, according to David Michaelis of Time Magazine, was modeled after Schulz's first wife, Joyce.[10]


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