Wednesday, August 26, 2015

nursing pads for Lena’s mommy

almost 2 weeks ago our church got some happy and sad news.

Our pastor has 3 grown men, and just had their first grand daughter (first girl in the family in a long time)

They already had a grand son, who’s about Sonja’s age, and up until a month ago, they all attended our church in Chapel Hill, NC, then they moved because of a job, while Cassie was 8m pregnant with their daughter.

She gave birth about 2 weeks ago to Lena a very happy day.

But the next day, came the sad news, with her low birth weight ( a bit over 5lbs) she was diagnosed with Down syndrome and with that often babies have heart problems, which was the case with Lena as well. So she needs open heart surgery when she’s 12 lbs. She’s now in NICU to help with feeding etc.

Our pastor did a sermon about it here

Just pray for this family, Lena is a gift from God and is precious, but it was a shock to the family and must be hard and stressful.


Cassie, emailed me about making her some nursing pads, like I did for her when her son was born, so of course I made some.

I also cut out a few funky flowers to put in the incubator with mommy’s scent on it, it’s supposed to help the baby.

I used my GO! cutter and the circle die and used the tutorial I’ve shown before here.


Here’s the stack with pins ready to be zi zagged


and all done!


If you are on facebook and would like to support Lena’s family and pray for them, join her page here


Michele Bilyeu said...

My heart goes out to this family and their precious little one. I can so relate and I have been involved in projects like making nursing pads as well as scent keepers. They are so dear and the kind of thing that can mean so much. Thanks for bringing these things to others attention. Sending hugs of comfort and blessings from the heart can come in such tiny ways and mean so very much. Lovely!

margaret said...

So sad that the little one is so poorly and needs surgery I will certainly remember her in my prayers.Also the rest of the family I will remember too
Not heard of either nursing pads or scent keepers, the scent keepers sound a really nice idea to have them in the cot.

Carla said...

Sorry to hear about baby Lena. Sending prayers for Lena and her family.
So did you put regular batting in the nursing pads? Cool idea.