Thursday, August 27, 2015

fabrics and EPP

Uhh, ahhh, there’s nothing like getting new fabrics!

I got a shipment from connecting threads, a FQ bundle of their newest collection “cottage chic”

I already have a plan for them- another pattern I wrote a while ago, where I need to make a sample and then have my testers “test” it as well.

The bottom fabric is a Christmas fabric for something else


I’ve also been doing some English Paper piecing that Tonya from hillbillquiltshop sent me

These first 7 ones are TINY.


then there’s some big “flowers” but the small ones don’t go inside, just wait and see



Also Sonja’s new kitchen has been moved, it was on the left of my table before and my table was moved to the right, but then I wasn’t under the ceiling light and was sort of sitting in the dark, not really, as I have LOTS of ceiling lights, but she seems to always want to play on MY side of the table of the floor, so we figured this would work better, but it’s kind of close against the long arm now, but I’ll try to work with it for a few weeks, otherwise another option is to move my table out from the wall and still have it centered and maybe have the kitchen next to to facing the same direction as my machine and computer but between the table and wall, we’ll see…



Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What beautiful English paper piecing Bea! I always love seeing photos of your neat studio and Sonja's kitchen fits right in!

Melody said...

Your EPP is exquisite

margaret said...

The EPP is looking good some lovely fabric you have used for it. Kitchen is just right in the window for Sonja lots of light for her, hopefully she will be cooking up something nice for you!

Michele said...

Those fabrics you are using for the EPP are just gorgeous.