Tuesday, August 18, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday – Tessellating leaves


I was looking at my old projects and found an OLD but good one, I think it was because I had made a quilt for my husband years ago and we used it for a picnic the other day outside on the lawn.


It’s Tessellating leaves!

tessellating leaves2

it’s actually easy to design!

First start with 9” blocks.

I did a 6 x 7 layout here.

Start designing your block and leave the grid and snaps at 9 x 9 also, you won’t be working with any fractions.

at the 6” lines on both sides, draw straight lines, then on the side and bottom, also draw a line at the 3” mark to the previously drawn line like this


then just draw diagonal lines in them middle right and bottom middle boxes as shown


and that’s it!

color it any way you want like this, the triangles on the side and bottom will be different on each block later. but DO color them something different EACH.


add this block to the quilt all over


On uneven rows, rotate every other block (#2,4,6 etc) 3 times so the tip of the leaf is facing upper right.


On even rows, rotate (1,3,5 etc) ONE time and (2,4,6) 3 times like this


doesn’t look like much- YET!

now comes the coloring part

pick a random color, here I did bright colors to show and the spray can and color the main part of each block a different color

Then you also color the “wings” so with block #2 it’s to the left and the bottom.


You can leave the triangles that touch the border at a different color of the border color, that’s up to you, leave them alone, then at the end you can color ALL with that color and it will fill them in.

continue coloring the leaves



I had some fall prints already in EQ that I colored mine in and as you can see, I colored the left over triangles, the same color as the border.


if you don’t show the block lines or patch lines, it’s great to see the leaves sort of melt together.

tessellating leaves2

here’s another version in greens.


I remember sewing the quilt together and I had to REALLY plan which color went next to another when making the HST units for the leaves, it wasn’t hard, just had to pay attention :)


I’m not doing link ups anymore- unless you want to!???

the last one who linked up was a long time ago….

which reminds me, I found a strip pack from Island batiks that I think I was supposed to send to someone, but can’t remember which tutorial it was for and who it was for, so if it’s you and you are “missing” these, let me know.

SO sorry about this.


also if you have ideas or are stumped about something in EQ, let me know, I’m always open for ideas for tutorials :)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

The initial set-up looks like a real cool design, too. I haven't done a tellalating leaf in a long time. I think I need to make a mini for the coming season.

Just Quilt It said...

Looks like a great fall pattern! Thanks for sharing!