Saturday, August 15, 2015

Accuquilt GO! challenge

accuquilt challenge 2015

This month’s post is a little different.

First, I didn’t finish the project I had in mind, I’ve just been super busy with other things.


starting next month, I’m going to be a monthly guest blogger on Accuquilt’s blog on the 15th!!!

First I’ll show you what I had in mind for this month, but didn’t finish yet….

A Christmas tumbler quilt!

I did a tutorial for EQ about it here

tumbler 70x80 bea scrappy christmas

But this is not an ordinary tumbler quilt!

it’s all random and scrappy.

I sewed scraps of red together very randomly even at angles.

2015-07-21 006

2015-07-23 001

Even at angles!

2015-07-23 002

Then sewed it big enough to fit the large GO tumbler die

(it’s on sale BTW on the accuquilt’s site)

GO! Tumbler- 3 1/2" (3" Finished) 55020

I used my assistants to cut them out

2015-07-25 003

But that’s how far I got, I got a pile of red ones and haven’t started green nor white, I’m thinking about doing one of the colors in just a solid or maybe both of them, but I don’t have a lot of nice green fabrics that would be Christmas like, so I MAY need to place an order ;)

Have a look at my tumbler EQ tutorial post for more inspiration, tumblers are a lot of fun!

and there’s quite a few (including some of mine) on the accuquilt’s website too under ideas here.

and of course there’s a ton on pinterest too.

Stay cool in the summer, my kids have a week left at home before starting school on the 24th!


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Carla said...

I guess I have to read further to see how this tumbler block looks. I never thought of strip piecing them.
Cool idea as always
Thanks for sharing