Thursday, July 23, 2015

Women of the bible quilt is done!!

it’s finally finished!

The women of the bible MINI quilt!!

and guess what??

I’m NOT happy with it….

2015-07-13 001


first I was a slob putting the sashing on it and not lining up the rows right.

second, I decided to quilt it with a walking foot on my regular machine and everything got skewed and crooked!

see how it’s pulling on the border and the sashing, not liking that one bit!

But it’s DONE!

2015-07-13 002

my oldest daughter actually likes it and since she just got a NEW bed set in turquoise and blue and would like DADDY to paint her room in turquoise too, this will fit her room perfectly, so it’s hers :)

It was still fun and challenging to do all the blocks in teeny tiny like this to finish at 3” and there’s several blocks I’d love to just turn into a big quilt- ONE day!

So one more item scratched off my list.

Island Batik Button completed


Vicki W said...

I think it's a pretty quilt and it seems to have already won the most important ribbon, daughter approval!

dq said...

There is a ton of work in this beautiful quilt that has so much meaning in relation to the Bible. I think it is wonderful. I hope you can be happy it is done and just enjoy it.

Andrea Stanfield said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, that was a big challenge! Glad to hear your daughter has claimed it.

Christine S said...

I think it's beautiful!

margaret said...

I am amazed how you have made this as a mini, such tiny blocks, beautiful. I have printed off all the instructions but yet to start mine. I took the list of women to my prayer meeting and it was so interesting as Chris had done a talk on WOB , she had picked her own and they were more or less all the ones that are used in the quilt. I joked that maybe the designer f this quilt was at her talk and was inspired by her as she was in America at the time

Carla said...

I'm with Vicki W. It passed your most important critic...your daughter.
No mini blocks for me. I have a hard enough time with regular sized blocks. LOL. I have done one 12" bible block. The ones you have in your quilt are not easy blocks so I'm impressed
It's a pretty quilt and you finished it.