Friday, July 24, 2015

Our Favorite Things Blog hop

Island Batik Button completed
It’s my day to show my Studio/ craft room and my favorite things about it….
What is it anyways? Studio or craft room?? I used to call it craft room and probably still do, to me a studio is more artsy….
Anyways, I vacuumed and took lots of pictures!
Here’s one right when you enter my room (which is over the garage)
with my design wall on the left.
2015-07-14 003
looking to the right
2015-07-14 004
In the middle of the room but still looking right
2015-07-14 005
Then looking left
The easel is for Sonja and there’s a door that lead to my OLD craft room that’s sort of clean now but also just a dumping ground for things :)
2015-07-14 006
Now to some details/ favorite things about my room.
I don’t have an ironing “board” I have an ironing table! a lady at our church moved to India a few years ago and gave me this top to her ironing board, which she used to iron her Saris with, it’s DEEP, so perfect for a FQ and a whole width of fabric lays flat on there too with room to spare!! Another part of the “table” I love is that it’s shelves, we’ve had these wire shelves for a while and I LOVE them, this is half the height of one.
On the shelf I have my printer and snap lid bins from walmart for my current projects.
On the right I have a pile of Island Batik batiks that is a reminder to myself to use them once a month- since I’m an ambassador for them :)
2015-07-14 007
Right above the ironing area I have two black floating shelves FILLED with pincushions from swaps I’ve hosted for a few years, there’s some in there that I made too, and the little empty spot on the left is for my camera.
2015-07-14 008
Next to the iron, I have a “wet bar” with a mini fridge, the only thing we keep in there is extra milk and juice bottles AND my temporary quilting glue sticks….
On the counter I have my GO BIG! (another thing I LOVE) and I must say, this counter is my “trouble” area, it always gets messy with random things, but I try to keep it clear for the GO cutter as it takes up more room when it’s opened up and in use :)
2015-07-14 009
On the wall I have this thread rack and our totally AWESOME PRETTY router, with Oh so PRETTY cables- NOT!! but we’ve found that it has to be up high for better reception in the other rooms, so this is where is has to go, SIGH, can’t have it all huh? LOL
2015-07-14 010
Next to the sink is another favorite! my Embroidery machine!!
Brother PR 620 and then all the hoops and stabilizers etc that’s needed for it, usually the space right in front of it is neater too, but I have some fabrics there to remind me to make SOMETHING with them on the machine :)
There’s a bin of embroidery threads behind there, that you can barely see.
2015-07-14 011
Then in the middle of the room is my SEWING table (another favorite!) a bargain Ethan Allen table off of craigslist!
I always have my machine and mat and rulers out and whatever project I’m working on, here I have a leader and ender project in a wooden tray.
2015-07-14 013
And here’s my main SPOT! my laptop and my sewing machine- a Janome Memory craft 4900- another craigslist buy!
another favorite item is this utensil organizer for my scissors and tools, I think it’s from pampered chef!
2015-07-14 012 
Across from my table I have two tall wire racks with fabrics stacked and sorted my color, then on the very top I have bins of completed things for craft shows/gifts etc.
My stacks are
(then I have my bobbin winder and bobbin organizers for my long arm)
At the bottom I have
 2015-07-14 015
More fabrics:
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Light Green
Now on the WAY bottom of the shelves there’s just a big mess of misc things and toys for Sonja :)
2015-07-14 014
In the corner I have a thread rack on the wall with Signature spools for the long arm (another favorite)
and that’s NALLE sitting there, he’s a teddy bear my mom got when she was about 1 year old and I got it as a kid and he’s been thru some abuse from both of us, so he’s sitting up high now out of reach :)
Oh, and did you notice my small box of fiber fill there too??
and there’s a pretzel bin with left over strips of binding, that I’ll eventually find a use for.
2015-07-14 016
and I can’t forget my long arm : Voyager 17 on a summit frame by hinterberg!
and my newest published quilt is on the wall between the windows.
2015-07-14 017
Now on the back left of the room I have two more shelves (facing the other wall)
2015-07-14 018
On top I have stacked quilts,
then a shelf of magazine organizers for all my quilting magazines.
2015-07-14 019
Below that I have a Ruler holder hubby made for my odd templates and rulers, a tray of felt, a small box with elastic and misc things, a plastic drawer for paper piecing things and a rod hanging with ribbons on the back.
2015-07-14 020
Below that I have a shelf for all my GO dies! (Love those too)
2015-07-14 021
On the right I have quilt tops hanging ready to quilt and interfacing plus heat n bond, and then a big roll of warm and natural batting in the corner.
On the middle shelf I have some quilting books and baskets sorted with patterns, one for kid patterns, adults and misc like bags and rugs or pincushions.
If you look back at one of the top pics of this area, you’ll also see a dry erase board, that’s keeping track of my personal quilt tops that are ready to quilt or need backings/ batting/ binding etc.
The clipboard is for customers to fill out.
2015-07-14 022
The whole bottom shelf on both sides have another one of my FAVORITE things, these 6 boxes that I have my scrap fabrics in.
I JUST printed out labels to stick on there (we’ll see how long they last)
I have each bin split into fours, don’t tell the Post office, but I used some shipping boxes that I cut to size and cut opposing slits in the middle to make dividers and then sorted all my scraps
Here’s how I have THESE sorted
White on White, White Print, Black on White, Beige
Light Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Red
Burgundy, Pink, Light Purple, Dark Purple
Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Hunter Green
Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Turquoise
Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Black
2015-07-14 023
Here you can see my RED is almost overflowing so time to get out my GO cutter and come up with something!
2015-07-14 024
I think that’s it.
My whole room is MY FAVORITE in the whole house and there’s so many little things I love about it too :)

Want to come sew/quilt with me? I have plenty of room!!
(my friend Laura often comes and sometimes borrows my machine or brings her own and we sew most of the day)

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Michele T said...

Your sewing room is as big as our house!!! Wow!! I would love to have more space for my quilting area, especially a larger cutting station and a large ironing board like yours!!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful quilting space Bea! I would love to have all that room. Thanks again for sharing it with us!

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Great space! Love the ironing table (and the "wet bar")!

Allison CB said...

Wow that's a big space!!!

Kwilt Krazy said...

What a wonderful room Bea. I think it is definitely a "Studio" ha ha Awesome and I am jealous. I will be right over to sew with you! day :)

Calicojoan said...

What a cool room. It's big and cozy, a great place to create! My HQ is on a Hinterburg frame too. I love that frame. Not so industrial looking! :-)

teachpany said...

Fun space!

darlene said...

I like the freedom a large room gives you.That is really a gem of a sewing space.

margaret said...

I can now picture you sewing away and what a wonderful space you have to sew in, so organised and tidy and you have a place for everything, I feel a bit of envy!

LInda Pearl said...

I am so jealous of your space - and your mini-fridge! Thanks for sharing.

Connie Kauffman said...

Love your BIG studio space! Your long table to sew on is fantastic- you can always use more room to spread out in!

Carol said...

Such an amazing place to be creative! Thanks for sharing!

Pamela said...

A creative space for a creative and productive lady! Love it!

Jolan Dallatore said...

I just found your link and I'm just amazed at your room, your storage ideas, just everything! (I used to have a teddy bear, a well loved, well worn treasure also, until my son's dog ate it! ). Thanks for some great ideas.