Friday, July 10, 2015

Covering America – block 28 Nevada

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This week’s block is Nevada

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Here’s some info about the Silver State

Nevada flag

  • Admission to Statehood:

    October 31, 1864 (36th State)

    Nevada takes its name from a Spanish word meaning snow-clad.

    Locals use terms like The Sagebrush State, The Silver State, and The Battle Born State as nicknames for Nevada.

    In 1899 Charles Fey invented a slot machine named the Liberty Bell. The device became the model for all slots to follow.

    Bertha was a performing elephant that entertained for 37 years at John Ascuaga's Nugget casino located in Sparks. She was 48 years old when she died.

    There were 16,067 slots in Nevada in 1960. In 1999 Nevada had 205,726 slot machines, one for every 10 residents.

    In 1931 the Pair-O-Dice Club was the first casino to open on Highway 91, the future Las Vegas Strip.

    In March 1931 Governor Fred Balzar signed into law the bill legalizing gambling in the state.

    Once the highest concrete dam in the world, Hoover Dam offers guided tours and a museum of artifacts of the construction and its workers.

    In Death Valley, the Kangaroo Rat can live its entire life without drinking a drop of liquid.

    Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the nation. It is second in the world behind South Africa.

    The state's Highway 50, known as the Loneliest Highway in America, received its name from "Life" magazine in 1986. There are few road stops in the 287 mile stretch between Ely and Fernley.

    Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other place on earth.


    and some silly facts

    Watch yourself when you visit the casino bar in Las Vegas. Nevada law makes it illegal for men to purchase drinks for more than three bar mates in a single day.

    While camels were once used as pack animals in Nevada, they were also well protected. It is still illegal to ride them on the highway.

    If you plan to wander the streets in Elko, Nevada, you will have to pack your mask. This is required attire for walking streets.

    If your name includes Smith, do not go to Reno. This name is illegal in this city.

    If you like to kiss women, do not grow a moustache. Men with moustaches are forbidden to kiss women in Eureka, Nevada.

    If someone comes onto your property and shoots your dog, do not hang them! Nevada law makes hanging a dog-shooter illegal.

    Las Vegas is a great place to pawn your valuables, but they draw the line at dentures. False teeth must not be pawned in this town.


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    dq said...

    Great block Bea'. By the way, it was interesting to read about Nevada and especially how it got its name. This sparked some pondering in me about all the states and how they were named. If you think about it, all of their names are quite strange and meaningless unless you research them because they are not common American words. Utah, for example, what kind of a word is that? Well, it is from the Ute Indian Tribe that settled here. Utah's forebearers wanted to name it "Deseret" which is a honeybee and we are the beehive state. The Feds forced us to be called Utah. I think Deseret is so much prettier.

    Carla said...

    Great block and interesting facts and silly ones made me laugh.
    Thanks for sharing everything