Wednesday, July 8, 2015

a new outfit for Sonja

I finished another outfit for Sonja!

It’s Mccall’s 5118

(which I can’t find a picture online for, I’ve had the pattern for maybe 10yrs… hmm)

I had first picked out this hello kitty fabric and cut out the pieces to make the shirt and long pants a few months ago, then the weather got warmer quickly and I was not LOVING the fabric)

The other day I wanted to start something else for Sonja and I asked her what her favorite color was and she said purple, and I lifted her up to pick a purple fabric from my stash and she did but then right next to it was pink and this HK fabric was not even at the top and she squealed and sais “oh look Hello Kitty fabrics” so that got me going on actually finishing this outfit!

I had also added some pink island batik for the flounce and bottom of the pants (the pants were supposed to be one fabric but I modified the pattern and add this at the bottom)

Here’s the front and back

 2015-07-03 003


2015-07-03 004

and Daddy snuck in a kiss. LOL – she didn’t care….

2015-07-03 001

Then I tried to get some pictures that were not so posed :)

2015-07-03 011


2015-07-03 016

2015-07-03 013

The pants are bit long and the outfit sort of looks like pajamas, but she doesn’t care and maybe she won’t wear it out until the fall anyways, so she will have grown a bit by then :)

I’m happy with the result and as long as she likes, that’s all that matters!


dq said...

She looks like a doll! You did a great job!

Christine S said...

So cute, the outfit and the little lady!

Createology said...

Hello Cutie wearing ever so cute Hello Kitty. I loved sewing for my daughter when she was little. Creative Bliss...

barbara woods said...

she looks adorable in any thing, hugs

Aunt TC said...

Your daughter is beautiful and looks so much like you even though you have dark hair. I like the pink outfit, too.

margaret said...

such a delightful little daughter you have there, and a beautiful outfit too said...

So Cute! I'm still waiting for my son to give me Jellie's measurements. Guess I'll have to take a trip and measure her myself! L

Muv said...

Isn't she a total sweetheart, and so pretty in pink!

Carla said...

She's too cute and looks pretty in pink Hello Kitty