Monday, June 29, 2015

More eyeglass cases

Last week my neighbor came over and ordered some personalized eyeglass cases and wanted 5!

Then picked the different animals for each name and I got free reign about the fabrics.

This is the result

2015-06-23 001

I had never done names on them before and the owl I knew would be tricky because there isn’t much space on there, but that one I moved the name to the bottom, the cat and dog have them on the belly.

2015-06-23 002

2015-06-23 003

2015-06-23 004

2015-06-23 005

2015-06-23 006

2015-06-23 007

2015-06-23 008

They are just fun and funky!!

Below is a re-gifting sort of a father’s day gift.

I actually bought this for hubby when he turned 40 (a few years ago…) then about a year or so later we had some visitors and wasn’t watching a little boy and suddenly I heard a crash and the Eiffel tower was in a gazillion pieces again.

we put all the pieces in bins and kept them for later, but time went by and we never put it back together, until NOW….

Before school ended for the summer, I told the kids that once school was out they would have about 2 weeks to put this thing back together for Father’s day, so we all worked on it in secret, I only helped sort the pieces :)

-yeah we SOMEHOW had a few pieces left over, and were missing some pieces that sort of look like a ticket booth for the very bottom, but those were pretty generic pieces, so we can always steal them from the kids loose legos.

Daddy LOVED it btw.

2015-06-23 009

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Suze said...

Oh Bea, what great eye glass cases. I recently sat on my sunglasses - in the car. They are Rx and very expensive since I have prisms in them. The tech told me he could bend them back into shape and immediately snapped one of the temple arms completely off the frame. Luckily, I hadn't had them a year yet and they were under warranty, so I could pick a new pair of frames from one of two sections. I picked a pair and someone had put them in the wrong section. It only cost me $10 and 2.5 weeks for the lens to arrive at the store. Now I put them in a hard case again. I wish I were not so hard on glasses and could have a cute, cute case.

I love the Eiffel Tower. You would think a math major would love Legos and I have a horrible time with them. My daughter is a high school math teacher and finds them relaxing. Anyhow, I was trying to help my grandson with his new Legos and finally he told me, "Grandma Susan, you don't know how to do Legos!" My daughter told me I was on the right track. I have no confidence and he sure didn't help it. I think they are wonderful, they just use a weaker part of my brain and being a perfectionist, it tenses me.

Thanks for a great post!