Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I think I'm an ornament girl

The other day I received a box of goodies from amazon
12 styrofoam balls, 54 zippers(more about those later)
elastic and pins- should have bought more pins!

A while ago I had seen these CUTE ornaments be made and found a great site: The ornament girl who sells pdf tutorials for making these cute ornaments.

How to make perfect quilted ornaments.
you can even get a free one!
Get a free no-sew fabric ornament pattern.
I bought the file and ordered pins and styrofoam balls on amazon and tried to PATIENTLY wait for them.
 Then I picked out my fabrics. These two lovely batiks from Island Batik

And with the PDF on my laptop and fabrics ironed and cut I set to work!

and VOILA! here's the covered ball, I am not adding a hanging ribbon to this one as I think it will be cute as just a ball maybe a few in a bowl, maybe later I'll add it, I don't know

If you'd like to try your hand at these, click the picture below and you'll find the free pattern and lots of others too.
And IF you buy anything thru my link I get a commission- how COOL is that!!

Make your own quilted ornaments.


Barb said...

I have made some of those before, lots of fun...

Calicojoan said...

These have always intrigued me. Love your batik beauty!

Createology said...

You are an ornament girl. Love how the Island Batik fabrics look done in this style. I used to do egg shaped "pinecone" ornaments with this pin and fabric treatment. I still love them. June JOY...

margaret said...

they will look lovely in a bowl, I remember making one when I was doing my city and guild in Embroidery must have long since disappeared not sure where but I am sure I no longer have it. They would look lovely too make in Christmas fabric as decorations