Thursday, June 18, 2015

Giveaway winner

I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner of a gift card for

I blogged about my owl hipster purse(s) here


Again there were many who were NO-reply bloggers, and if picked your number then I skipped and did it again- sorry.

I had 60 comments

image picked #1 (after it picked no reply bloggers TWICE) so VickiT you’re in luck!!



Congrats VickiT

an email has been sent

1 comment:

VickiT said...

Very happy about this Bea! Thank you so much and to Reen also for the giveaway. I have such a long list of things from her site I love.

I bought this super cute purse design from her awhile back in both sizes. The smaller size included the credit card designs too.

I made this for a friend who LOVES to shop, but sadly, it was before I took pictures of everything I made so I have nothing to show for this. It turned out just awesome and the person I made it for just loved it.

Thank you again. I KNOW I'll have no problem spending this prize. :)