Friday, June 12, 2015

Covering American – block 24 Mississippi

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This week’s block is Mississippi

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Here’s some facts about this Magnolia state

Mississippi flag

Entered Union (rank): Dec. 10, 1817 (20)

In 1963 the University of Mississippi Medical Center accomplished the world's first human lung transplant and, on January 23, 1964, Dr. James D. Hardy performed the world's first heart transplant surgery.

The world's largest shrimp is on display at the Old Spanish Fort Museum in Pascagoula.

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, on January 8, 1935.

In 1884 the concept of selling shoes in boxes in pairs (right foot and left foot) occurred in Vicksburg at Phil Gilbert's Shoe Parlor on Washington Street.

The first female rural mail carrier in the United States was Mrs. Mamie Thomas. She delivered mail by buggy to the area southeast of Vicksburg in 1914.

The largest Bible-binding plant in the nation is Norris Bookbinding Company in Greenwood.

Pine Sol was invented in 1929 by Jackson native Harry A. Cole, Sr.

Coca-Cola, first bottled in 1894 in Vicksburg

Have you ever heard of Natchez? It is the longest standing permanent settlement located along the Mississippi River. It was established in 1716 and at one point had 500 millionaires in residence. Talk about “land of the lucky!”

and some fun facts

Watch out Kids
If you are tired of your disobedient children, move them to Mississippi. The next time they fail to obey, you will be legally supported in shaving off their hair.

Baby Candy is Safe
Give the candy to the baby and back away slowly. It is illegal in this state to steal candy from babies.

Now that's Weird
If you wear false teeth, keep them in your mouth when you dine out. Mississippi law forbids throwing dentures at others in a restaurant.

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