Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Monkey Wrench quilts


I was stumped as to what to show this week, but then I was looking at recent quilts and published quilts and I figured I’d show the Monkey wrench quilt that was published in Fons and Porter recently

2015-05-01 001

Once I downloaded the fabrics in EQ it was easy to design.


I found the monkey wrench block in the library


and added it to a quilt layout 5 x 7 with 8” blocks


with the spray can and paint brush I started coloring the blocks

This was the spray can and trying to use EACH fabric from the line


Then I started focusing on diagonal lines and the whole twist of the monkey wrench block and I also added two borders.


I even tried to play around with quilt designs on layer 3.


Here’s the recent one I made for a customer who was inspired by the magazine quilt and where I used the accuquilt GO die for it.


I know this wasn’t much of a tutorial but more of a show and tell, but if you’ve made a Monkey wrench quilt before, link up below.


The Joyful Quilter said...

Interesting... I've always known that quilt as Snail's Trail. You would think that Fons and Porter would know their block names. Whatever you call it, it's fairly easy piecing and the block makes a REALLY cool quilt!!!

margaret said...

this has worked so well, still considering EQ7 but have so many projects on the to do list first!