Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Yesterday I started making some mice for the upcoming craft show.

Here’s 4 that I made (6 x 10” hoop size)

The pattern is from dolls and daydreams here

  2015-05-19 001

 2015-05-19 002

2015-05-19 003

2015-05-19 004

I’m actually sewing a lot LESS lately because SOMEONE wants to play- I know, how dare she! ;)

Sonja’s favorite is play doh, we’ve used it for bribery for potty training last year, and for sleeping NOT in our bed, she Looooves play doh. If she’s not playing with it, she watches youtube videos about it.

We made this yesterday (she made the green fruit)

2015-05-17 001

2015-05-17 003


Barb said...

What cute cute mice!

QuiltShopGal said...

Your much are adorable. Love the variety of colors. Very eye catching and certainly look playful.

What fun to create with playdoh with Sonja. Total #CreativeGoodness and a great virtual #SummerCamp idea too!


Kwilt Krazy said...

Cute! Where is the craft show Bea? I may go if it's close.