Monday, May 25, 2015

Craft show this weekend

Most of last week I prepped for the craft show this weekend, I got another file from embroiderygarden for these doggie eyeglass holders.

2015-05-19 009

First I started with neutral dog “colors”

 2015-05-20 003

Then I got a little braver

2015-05-20 004

I know you’ve seen a floral patterned blue dog right?

(I actually said that to a customer at the show and she said Of course! if you haven’t, you haven’t used the right drugs?? LOL)

 2015-05-22 002

2015-05-22 005


My old basket was this one and it worked okay since I only had cats and owls but it didn’t look right when I added the doggies.

2015-05-22 001

So I told that to my husband that maybe ONE day he could make a case for me (I knew it would be too early for the show as I think I told him Wednesday night)

well guess what??? he did it….. WHAT a guy!

2015-05-22 003

This box is perfect!

2015-05-22 004 

Saturday morning my son and I went there at 6.30am! and set up and here’s the booth.

We had bought a tent online a few weeks ago, just so I’d have one! but borrowed the tables and chairs


I only brought 3 quilts to hang on the sides and 2 for a table cloth, the rest were small items.

Dolls and eyeglass holders on one table


stuffed animals and baskets on the other


I sold mostly eyeglass cases and I think 2 stuffies.

Overall I did fine, I earned enough to pay for my booth fee and tent, so no loss.


The craft show was combined with a farmers market (they are there every Saturday)

we found snap peas! oh that reminded me SO much of Denmark. I bought a BIG bag of it and we ate some there and the rest are almost gone!

IMG_20150523_114336264 IMG_20150523_114543550


Michele said...

The booth looks great. It is so sad that you aren't able to sell more but as long as you cover your costs, that isn't too bad I guess.

QuiltShopGal said...

All of your handmade items are beautiful, as was your booth. Actually, a very inviting booth. Glad you did well selling eyeglass cases, but I wish you had been able to sell more dolls and other things. I can't figure out why not as I do think they are all so cute and would make great gifts.


Createology said...

Bless you and your son for adding such handmade charm to the local Farmer's Market. Thankfully you sold enough to cover your space and tent. Hopefully next time you will sell out and all of your wonderful items will go to nice new homes. It is a lot of work to set up and spend the hours and I don't think people appreciate it enough! Creative Handmade Bliss...

margaret said...

good to read the craft fair went so well, you now need DH to make trays for the owls and cats, it looks very professional rather than the basket!

Calicojoan said...

Reminds me of the days when I was crafting. My boys were my helpers. They soon had their own booth and were making things themselves. They each bought their first cars at age 13 with their craft show money. It was a great lesson in the value of money, work, integrity, etc... Shows became more difficult with the imports from China taking over. I'm hoping now that folks are realizing how bad those are that the craft shows will make a great come back. Your booth looks great, and that tray hubby make is perfect!

Carol said...

Great booth. Glad you did well. Craft sales can be so finicky.