Friday, May 15, 2015

Accuquilt Go Challenge – BIG Snail Trail

accuquilt challenge 2015

This month I used the BIG Snail Trail Die to make a quilt top for a customer who wanted a quilt for her grandson.

GO! Big Snail's Trail-12" Finished Fabric Cutting Die (55460) - packaging shown (front)

She had already bought a bunch of fabrics, her grandson loves army tanks.

2015-05-07 001

we agreed on the die (since she saw the blocks on the recent batik quilt I made for Fons and Porter)

So I designed this in EQ7 and she liked it (I later removed the yellow and substituted out the black fabric- as it just didn’t match the other fabrics) Finished size is 59 x 71

accuquilt monkey wrench soldier

This die is a BOB die (block on board) so it cuts out all the pieces at once, SUPER easy!

I laid out 6 layers of fabric at a time and used my GO BIG to cut them out

2015-05-07 002

Easy peasy and very little waste, especially for being such a complicated die/block

2015-05-07 003

2015-05-07 004

2015-05-07 005

The thing I LOVE about the GO dies and especially THIS one is the dog ears or rather lack of them! the dog ears of the smallest triangles are cut straight to match the 4 patch  and the tip of the triangle is cut off too

2015-05-09 002

so the 2nd triangle set’s dogs ears are cut an an angle to match and fit those cut off tips from the row before.

2015-05-11 001

see here on the back

 2015-05-11 002

all the triangles have this to fit right and it’s a perfect block!

2015-05-12 001

here’s some of the blocks matched up on the design wall, looks good and I was nervous about the directional fabrics but it adds nice movement to the quilt!

2015-05-13 001

and here’s the top done!!

I will quilt it soon as she would like it before the end of the month.

2015-05-13 002

Have you made a snail trail quilt?

Link up below if you have (with or without the GO)

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