Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday – Arc tool


I didn’t have any ideas for a tutorial this week, so I opened up my EQ7 manual to a random page (155) and it was about line drawings and the arc tool and already I learned something new.

When you are designing a block (easy draw+patch draw) be on the appliquéapplique tab,you can pick the arc tool on the left


Then draw a curve from one corner to the opposite one


if you hit SPACEBAR before clicking on the 2nd point it FLIPS the curve

(I actually never knew that… just started the curve from the opposite corner instead)


I drew to opposite curves here like an apple peel block


here is what the block looks like in a layout


by clicking the rotate block on the right side


then clicking on the 2nd block and ALSO holding down the ALT key on the keyboard, click on it once and it will rotate every other block like this.


How about some more curves?

try doing another apple peel on top of the existing one


look at this layout!


and without the block lines


a fun secondary design with lots of options!


Why don’t you try to do some curves in EQ!

link up below and share in the inspiration.


Laura said...

What a way cool design, Bea! And you made it look so easy!

Kim's Designs said...

Wow, I really need to start playing more! I totally LOVE this tute! Thank you and keep them coming. As Laura said, You make it look so easy :)

Janet Wagner said...

I just join tour blog. I need a tutorial on using the adjust tool to make all my blocks I drew to be even all around my quilt. These blocks are suppose to be 7.50 by 7.50. On the sides they are bigger, Just can't get this adjust tool to work right to make them all be the same size. Do you have a tutorial on this? Janet

Ann Bowman said...

I know that you can adjust the arc using the pick tool but is there a quicker easier way to get a symmetrical curve?