Friday, April 10, 2015

Covering America block 15 Iowa

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This week’s block is Iowa


Here’s some facts about the Hawkeye State

Iowa flag

  • Admission to Statehood:

    December 28, 1846 (29th State)

  • Iowa is the only state name that starts with two vowels.

    When Iowa became a state in 1846, its capital was Iowa City; the more centrally located Des Moines became the new capital in 1857. At that time, the state's present boundaries were also drawn.

    Strawberry Point is the home of the world's largest strawberry.

    Quaker Oats, in Cedar Rapids, is the largest cereal company in the world.

    Cornell College is the only school in the nation to have its entire campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Sabula is Iowa's only town on an island.

    The shortest and steepest railroad in the U.S., Dubuque: 60° incline, 296 feet

    you can visit Elk Horn, Iowa to see the largest Danish settlement in the country.
    That refers to Danish heritage, not the Danish you devour on your breakfast plate. (Hey I want to go there!)

    We All Scream for Ice Cream
    The first silly law could double as one of the most interesting facts about Iowa for your children: The Ice Cream Man is illegal in this state!
    Forget about that annoying music playing loudly from the little white truck because it could get you thrown behind bars.

    Time for Kissing
    If you like to pull that someone special close and feel their lips on your own, make sure to set the stopwatch before you begin. Kisses lasting more than five minutes are illegal in this state.


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