Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Round Robin reveal

Since October 2014 some of us have been working on a secret Round Robin.
round robin 2014 beaquilter
What fun!!
I was SO impressed with the talent of everyone, it was a thrill to get a squishy package in the mail every month and think about what to add to it.
So this was a PLANNED round robin and here was the plan
(this is just an EQ sketch to show a variety of block, but you’ll see the REAL blocks below)
We started off with a 12” block, the next person added 3” block all around, next person added 6” blocks to TOP and bottom ONLY, next 6” blocks to sides only, then next 3” blocks to top and bottom and lastly 6” blocks all the way around, then it went back to the owner who could add more or just plain border.
Here’s my October block, I was thinking that the whole quilt would be patriotic and I’d give it to my guild to give to a veteran or something like that! (It turned out gorgeous- just wait and see)
2014-10-23 001
This is the November Round, I continued with the polka dot theme and wanted to frame the cake a bit.
Loved the cake!
2014-11-07 013
This was December, what a fun bear! I got my thinking cap on for this one, as it was all scrappy
2014-11-29 006
I really wanted to incorporate some machine embroidery, so I added this bear and the words Beary Special and I used mostly the scraps that were included but also added this tear drop fabric and put the rest of it with the package.
2014-11-29 007 2014-11-29 008
This was the January round, a fun star pastel quilt, I used my go cutter and made triangle in a square pinwheel blocks
This was the February round, fun bugs and bees! I thought it just needed something simple so I added black and yellow rail fence blocks.
And this is the March round, what a fun scrappy top! I used the GO cutter to cut out 3” HST blocks and made pinwheels/ broken dishes blocks – depending on how you look at it.
Then in April I got my own top back and just WOW! love it….. I added the burgundy border around it.
I did some custom quilting on it
I did bubbles and lines on the flag and outlined the words and stars on the next round
and lots of curved lines on the rest
I quilted stars on lines on the outer border (I actually goofed and did the 2 corners on one side different than the other side, oh well)
This is the backing
with a machine embroidered label
Would anyone like to start another round??
It would be 6 months and starting in May (so by end of May you have to have your starting block mailed)
-US only due to postage-
Here’s my idea
May starts with a 12” block
June adds 4” blocks all the way around (now 20” x 20”)
July adds 5” blocks all the way around (now 30” x 30”
August adds 6” to top and bottom ONLY (now 30” x 42”)
September adds 6” blocks all the way around (now 42” x 54”)
October adds 3” blocks all the way around ( now 48” x 60”)
Then by November 1st it gets mailed back to the owner who can add more borders if they like.
I’ll close sign ups by the 10th, so we have time to make the blocks in May and have them mailed in a timely manner.
Let me know!
Now look at the linkys of others who participated in this round and see their lovely tops!
Carol from sewing stitches sent me this picture as she doesn’t have a blog, it’s lovely!

(sorry about the blurry linky pics, I changed the preview pic to LARGE and those who were linked up already, it just stretched the pic, so if you want to reload it, that's up to you, otherwise click on their link and of course you'll see MUCH better pics)


Sowing Stitches said...


Count me in for the next Round Robin! :)

Had a blast with the first round! Since the photo of my top I've added two more rows and will be adding the third this weekend. [Hoping to keep going until it is large enough for a queen sized bed.

Now to start thinking about the center block... :)


Calicojoan said...

Wow, what fun you all had! I think I want to join the fun next go round!

Julianne said...

Count me in Bea! Thanks for hosting this for us, its so fun!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Great results on a fun round robin!

SuperMomNoCape said...

What a great quilt was returned to you!! And the other quilts are amazing too.

Michele said...

It really turned out fabulous.

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

These all turned out so good!

I would like to join the fun of the next Round Robin! :o)

Carla said...

Wow those all look awesome.