Monday, March 9, 2015

MLP and bible blocks

I’ve worked on a few things here and there.

This was a My little pony I got from ozark fabrics and then some MLP matching fabric for the border.

Gosh, I don’t LIKE panels, I did wash did and it got skewed but I did the best I could, the border is not 90 degrees on there but close enough and it lays flat.


Here’s a Women of the bible block



and beggar’s block- Syrophoenician women, these pieces are SO small!


3 1/2” (3” finished)


Sonja and Peanut are hanging out on the floor while Sonja watching PlayDoh on youtube.

She’s getting to play with playDoh as a reward for going #2 on the potty, if she goes in her underwear it goes in time out until the next day when she could go again….




Connie Kresin Campbell said...

The My Little Pony panel looks cute Bea and wow is that a lot of pieces in that 3 inch block! Sonja sure looks cute watching the video with Peanut!

Crickets Corner said...

Sonja and Peanut are just to cute. I don't think I have the patience to do such tiny little pieces but yours look great and you did a great job with the panel.

toomanyquilts said...

Bea, where in NC are you? We have a place near Asheville, LOVE IT!

Carla said...

Sweet pictures.
Good luck on the potty training