Tuesday, March 17, 2015

EQ7 tutorial Tuesday – X and Plus blocks and quilt ideas


I was looking at my old EQ files and for once started at the bottom of my list and went backwards and found the X and Plus quilt file I did a while ago.

july 005

First we need to design the block

Because of the design of it, it has to be made in kind of an odd size at 7.5”

that’s because we split up the block into “sections” of 5, so if each is 1.5” x 5 = 7.5”

You COULD do it 10” I guess too.


Start by drawing lines vertically at the 3” and 4 1/2” mark


then draw horizontal lines on the skinny bar 1.5” from each end


then finish the PLUS on the sides with also 1.5” sections


Now it’s easy to make the “X” start the points where the 1.5” blocks end and draw a diagonal line, all the way around


Now color it how you want to and add to sketchbook


Now enter into quilt layout and make sure the blocks are set to 7.5”


Now if you leave it like this it will be tricky to print the rotary cutting, it will skip the odd shape in the X now and the triangle is kind of odd too. Let’s fix that!


Go back to the block design

and delete the lines that form the X again and add to sketchbook


and just add the block to the top corner of the quilt and print the directions (or preview)


Now the math is nice!


and since I’ve made this one before and I’ve seen tutorials on how it’s made online

I know that the triangles are made by using 2” squares in the corners and sewing down the middle and cutting off the 1/4” seam allowance. you can also know it’s right because the seams here line up next to each other.

If you want bigger blocks, just go under layout and change it to 10”


and again the printing directions are nice


Try it out!

here’s my layout idea for the quilt above.


If you have made a X and plus quilt link up below

If you haven’t, play in EQ and design your own and link up with that!

You can link from a blog post, google+, flikr or anything like that.

Have fun!

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A great St. Patrick day coloration ta boot!