Wednesday, March 4, 2015

a grandmother quilt

A friend from church gave me a quilt to FIX. One that her grandmother had made and now it had become really worn and wanted me to fix it, it wasn’t in too bad shape actually, the quilting was pretty much gone though, so it was easy to take the 3 layers apart.

2014-10-06 005

 2014-10-06 006

 2014-10-06 007

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 2014-10-06 009

2014-10-06 010

The white floral fabric is VERY thin and delicate. It also had lots of seams that had come undone, so I sewed those by hand.

It seemed like the outer row was very skewed and maybe added later or measured off, it wasn’t lying flat, maybe just from time and stretching and pulling?

I ordered a light blue solid fabric for the backing and binding, it needed 8 yrs, this thing is HUGE, it’s about 92” by 78”


I told her that an allover design would help keep everything together better, instead of straight lines (stitch in the ditch) and I didn’t want to go on top of the seams too much.

I did the best I could and tried not to have any folds, I think I only got a few near the edges.


I added a chunky binding to match what was there before and also because the quilt was not straight or square anymore, so it covered up the unevenness.

I do think it turned out fine, at least now it’s usable again :)



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cucki said...

It's beautiful xxx

Vicki in MN said...

Bless your heart Bea, for fixing it! I hate doing repairs on anything, so kudos to you my friend!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Job well done Bea. Fixing old quilts is always a challenge and you want the owner to be happy with their treasured heirloom, too.

QuiltShopGal said...

Think of all the memories you saved. I bet that quilter is up above looking down at you with great happiness in her heart. Bless you. You did a wonderful job.


Sharon said...

So great to save a much loved quilt!

Michele said...

I think your work to return this treasure to a usable state was perfect. Nicely done.

Carla said...

Looks great to me.
It's great you were able to help preserve the quilt and made it usable again.