Monday, March 16, 2015

a few things not really quilting related

My son is in the middle school band and still playing his trombone, in 7th grade he was invited to join 8th grade for a field trip to a sort of band competition where they play for ratings/point not against other schools. That meant that WE had to wake up early almost every day the last 3 weeks and get him to school at 7am! They will go Wednesday during school!!
here he’s practicing hard
The last week, the parents were invited to preview the concert, they are playing 3 songs, 1 had to be a march and the other 2 had to be some a list. They did a great job!
We had to buy him a black shirt and tie (did buy adult Small so there’s room to grow)
and I gelled up his hair, his bangs are so long, but he’s “too cool” to cut it and many other boys have hair like that too, at least now he can read the notes! LOL
Now I got a new TOY last week too, hubby found this used from a place that sells used gym equipment, didn’t know that gyms lease the equipment and every 2yrs or so they get the latest and greatest, then somehow the old stuff gets sold off and we got this for a SUPER great price!
This is the only way I’d get exercise, I do try to walk outside, but it wasn’t everyday and it goes slow because of Peanut and the kids (yeah- I’m blaming them)
So I started with 30 min and gradually do longer time and faster and more incline, I do LOVE that I watch TV while doing it and most mornings Sonja has been sleeping while I did it, not that it mattered but then she’d want to watch a kid show and not MY show…..I started watching the paradise on netflix. we just finished house of cards. uhhhhhh good show! and paradise is a show my husband would never watch, same with downton abbey- not his style :)
I have been sewing a little bit, but can’t show much yet- it’s for a blog hop
Sonja is pretty much done potty training! YAY! peeing was easy on the potty, but she was hanging on to #2 for a long time and finally we found out what bribery worked… PLAY DOH!! if she went on the potty she’d get a tub of play doh, if she had an accident it would all go in time out until the next time! One day, she immediately went back on the potty and tried and then cried that it didn’t work…..
The other day while sewing (must have really been concentrating!!) I then looked over and saw this!!
Now this is Solveig former laptop but STILL…. come on….. I’ve caught her when she was maybe 1.5 taking some keys off, but it was a few and I managed to fix them, but this is beyond repair, don’t know if you can just get a new keyboard… SIGH


cucki said...

Have a lovely week my dear
Hugs xxx

Shasta Matova said...

Your son looks so cute all dressed up. Oh that poor poor keyboard! Children certainly can get into things when you aren't looking.

Pamela Boatright said...

Oh my, the life of a mom! Good days and bad days are the norm, for sure :)

Carol said...

Life is a roller coaster. We laugh going uphill, we scream going downhill, we hang on and just enjoy the ride.

Carla said...

Your son is adorable. Hope he did well the day of the concert.
That laptop is pretty sad looking. Oops