Friday, March 27, 2015

50 states QAL - Illinois

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This week’s block is Illinois!
Here’s some facts about THE PRAIRIE STATE
Illinois flag

  • Admission to Statehood:
    December 3, 1818 (21st State)
    The first Aquarium opened in Chicago, 1893
    The world's first Skyscraper was built in Chicago, 1885
    The Sears Tower, Chicago is the tallest building on the North American continent
    The ice cream "sundae" was named in Evanston. The piety of the town resented the dissipating influences of the soda fountain on Sunday and the good town fathers, yielding to this churchly influence, passed an ordinance prohibiting the retailing of ice cream sodas on Sunday. Ingenious confectioners and drug store operators obeying the law, served ice cream with the syrup of your choice without the soda. Objections then was made to christening a dish after the Sabbath. So the spelling of "sunday" was changed. It became an established dish and an established word and finally the "sundae".
    The Illinois state dance is square dancing.
    The world's largest cookie and cracker factory, where Nabisco made 16 billion Oreo cookies in 1995, is located in Chicago.
    The Chicago River is dyed green on Saint Patrick's Day
    The very first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois.
    Bumming AroundThe last thing you want to be called is a bum, so keep your wallet loaded until you leave this state.
    Those caught without a dollar in pocket are found guilty of the crime of vagrancy. No, pennies don't count! Dollar bills only, but at least you only need one to avoid the label.
    Steer ClearWhether you're coming into town by truck or motor home, make sure to keep the steering wheel firmly attached during your travels. Vehicles without this accessory are completely illegal.
    Reservations RequiredWhile you're putting the steering wheel back on your vehicle, make sure to call up the city as you approach and let them know what you are driving in.
    There is a law in one city that requires automobile drivers to call the police before driving in.

    All of these presidents were born in this state:
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Abraham Lincoln- No
  • Ulysses S. Grant- No
    (obviously I was on the wrong site or IL is an ILL state and lying about their presidential fame! Thanks to those of you found the errors)
    Are any of you in or from Illinois?
    Also if you are working on the blocks, link up below.
    Also if you’ve ever made any of these blocks at some point but not the state quilt but maybe a quilt with the same block that just happen to be one of these state blocks, also link up and comment that you did.

    Barb said...

    I am sure this will be a fun quilt when you get all of the states finished.

    CathyQuilts said...

    hmmm, we Ohioans are of the opinion that Ulysses S Grant was born in our state....

    CathyQuilts said...

    April 27, 1822
    Point Pleasant, Ohio

    Marilyn said...

    Lincoln was born in Kentucky.