Friday, March 20, 2015

50 states QAL - Idaho

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This week’s block is IDAHO


Here’s some facts about the GEM STATE

(and here I thought it was nick named the potato state!)

Idaho flag

Date became a State: July 3, 1890

Number accepted into the Union: #43/50

American Falls is unique from most communities because the entire town was moved in the mid-1920s when the original American Falls Dam was constructed

In Idaho law forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds

The economy of Idaho City originally developed around gold mining in the 1860s

Hell's Canyon is the deepest gorge in America

Idaho has the longest main street in America, 33 miles, in Island Park

Idaho's Great Seal was designed by a female. If that doesn't sound very special you probably don't realize that all other Great Seals in the country were designed by men.

Produce Production
Idaho is number one when it comes to growing, harvesting and selling potatoes. Not news? Okay, well did you know that this state is also number one when it comes to producing Austrian winter peas and lentils? It is also number one in the trout industry.

A River Runs Through It
Idaho is also number one when it comes to rivers. It has more river than any other state, stretching on for a combined 3,100 miles.

Not So Merry
Everyone loves to spin round and round on the merry-go-round, but Idaho is having none of that craziness.
If you get to spinning on the horsy in this state you could find yourself in jail with the other criminals who dared have a bit of fun.

Camel Clues
You love fishing and Idaho has tons of river water to sink your pole into, but be careful where you are sitting when you fish in this state.
If you decide to cuddle up on a camel's back with your pole out in the river you could find yourself eating a less-than-fresh fish dinner behind bars. Darn!
Camels are so comfy!


Any of you from Idaho?

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Carol said...

I'm not from Idaho, but I visited Sun Valley a couple's beautiful! Great block!

Kate McM said...

I don't want to appear dense, but -- how does one OBTAIN the block instructions? I saw no link.... Thank you !!!!

Michele said...

I like the block but not the carousel law. Our whole family would be in the pokey all the time.