Wednesday, February 18, 2015

women of the bible blocks and more

I can’t remember if I showed this block below, so I’m showing it again if that’s the case.

this is Woman of Samaria.

the blocks again are 3” done so 3 1/2” here, I did them all FPP, here each triangle is LESS than 1/2” it’s teeny tiny!


this is Waste not, woman who lived a sinful life (I actually LOVE this block!)


This is Woman with issue of blood- another block I really like


Here’s the first 7rows out of 9 ( I should have swapped out the last block, but I did them at the same time, so without looking, forgot which order was right)


Now after playing in EQ and with the SINFUL block, I created this scrappy layout, I think it would be a fun quilt! either a bunch of small blocks like mine or maybe 4” or LARGE like 8”, I kind of like the small one for using scraps!


I recently got a “boring” but necessary order from connecting threads.

A blue swirl for a secret project, the white and red fabric is for backing for the 50 states quilt and then a bunch of solid white that I know disappears quickly!


Now hubby and son have been busy making a new bed frame for our son.

They did a great job!


I have also been making lots of eyeglass cases, Love how they look sorted by color like this! I looked on the website where I got the file and I knew I am allowed to sell them, but it did say that if I sell more than 200 to ask/pay for a license…. HA! I WISH I’d sell that many…. There’s maybe 20-25 in each row, so if I bring 100 to a craft show and sell them all I’d be thrilled!

Don’t even know yet if I got in….


Also I got a surprise package in the mail, after my giveaway hosted by timeless treasures, I was drooling over the bundle they were giving away as I love BLUES! so they ended up sending me a different bundle!!

WOW! Thanks…

I have a project or two in mind, wait and see.


I had to show my little techy girl here, snuggling on the couch with her brother’s nexus AND watching TV (lately it’s Barney or Pajanimals) isn’t that the LIFE!? She actually looks a lot like her brother in this picture from when he was little.



Carla said...

I like that scrappy quilt design.
Good luck on selling the cute eye glass cases.

Erin ST said...

Do you have a link to the eyeglass case pattern?

Anonymous said...

I am always in awe of miniatures. It will be a long time before I can venture that small as I am a newbie.

Cute eyeglass cases. Do you have the link for them?

Michele said...

Those are great tiny blocks. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to make those or not.