Thursday, February 12, 2015

Long arm quilting purple flowers

I finished quilting a customer’s floral quilt (I forgot what this pattern is called but I believe I’ve made a quilt like this before)


I quilted allover edge to edge flowers and leaves in a pale lavender thread color


It’s easier to see it on the back which was this cool yellow fabric


I also filmed a bit of the quilting and posted on youtube. Have a look

Long arm quilting purple flowers


Carolyn McMath said...

Thanks for videoing your work as you quilted my pieced top. I love how your quilting flows so well across the top! I know that the quilting will increase the value of this quilt. I can't wait to share this video with my Alpha Delta Kappa sisters! Raffling this quilt will definitely increase our scholarship fund.

joy said...

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Michele said...

It looks great. I do hope to get my machine turned on today and to practice a bit. I have a few quilts here that need to get done.