Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Triangles


I’ve been cutting into my BLUE scraps lately because of the monthly rainbow challenge.

rsc15 button

I pulled out my bin of blue scraps


I didn’t care about if it was light or dark blue, I cut them all with my 3” HST die on my new GO! big!!! (which I didn’t want to show until my GO! challenge on the 15th but just couldn’t wait)


super easy and fast


In a few hrs (with interruptions) I had cut out 1100 Triangles!


But didn’t do much of a dent in my scrap basket, but what’s left is too skinny or small for the triangle die, so I had to come up with something else


Here’s the 1100 triangles all stacked


Now I had to figure out WHAT to do with them and opened EQ7

I found the half square triangle block


and made a quilt with it


a 20 x 26 layout is 520 that would measure 67” x 85” including the border

so that would mean that I’d sort half light and half dark triangles.

by holding down the ALT button and clicking different blue fabrics and putting them in the layout, it has a different look


If you click the rotate block tool and also hold down ALT you can rotate every other block for a different look



here I manually rotate blocks on every other row


or you can choose a trip around the world layout (I got too lazy to do the rest)


but then look how it would look is you randomly put them together or maybe planned a funky way of having them turn?


I don’t know how I’ll sew these together of if I’ll give them to my quilt guild and have them decide (whoever gets the baggie with them) we’ll see…. if I get bored I might start them Winking smile

Totally un-related, I found this video and just can’t help but chuckle

Have you made or designed quilts with HST blocks only? link up and I’ll feature one next time I do the tutorial Tuesday!


Barb said...

Those boys are soooo funny with extremely awesome voices.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wow you did cit a huge amount. I have my eq7 on order. I seldom use my Go.

QuiltShopGal said...

I have sometimes gone thru my stash, cutting all of a certain color, or colors, in the same shape. Great way to use stash and the HST shape is a good one to create with too. So many options. I'll try to find some photos of HST that I've made to share with you.


Kathy's A Quilter said...

O.M.G. is it possible to H.S.T. envy!! I believe those units would look great what ever you did...including a batch of orange ones set into a diamond somewhere. I did a large H.S.T. in Peanut Butter and Jams colours, and the name stuck. Just like P.B. and J.

Nancy said...

What a good tutorial. It taught me how to turn every other one in a short step rather than one by one. And that last quilt is something of an optical illusion in the making.

Sheila said...

Wow. You have been busy! Cute video clip. Thank you for sharing.

Michele said...

I know it does feel good to finally cut those scraps up so they are useful.

Heidi said...

I still have not updated to EQ7!
Thank you for hosting this opportunity to share again one of our favorite quilts around the house.